VanBot Webcam

Snapshot from the main camera.
Pi Camera on host dtLitePi, current location: (Aotea, NZ).
This snapshot is created by a Raspberry Pi2 version 1 camera, under control of a python3 program.

More specifically...
  • The python program is run via a cron job (to be replaced with a systemd timer) each 5 minutes between 6am and 9pm (to be augmented with a darkness override). It takes a timestamped pic and outputs it as a jpeg file.
  • It checks that the pic is not too dark, using its jpg filesize as a rudimentary determinant.
  • If it is OK, it creates a copy to another jpg file, using the photo's timestamp as part of the filename, then also copies the file up to the website you are accessing.
So therefore, unless the Pi has been switched off, which is quite a common occurrence from time to time, depending on what I am up to, you will see the last snapshot taken from 6am to 9pm that was sufficiently lit to see some detail.
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